Mixing and Recording Engineer

I'd like to thank each of these individuals for their invaluable contributions to my education and enjoyment in this wonderful, exhausting, inspiring, tedious, glorious, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding endeavor of music production.

David Alphonso, Wolfgang Amadeus, Jimmy Ashwill, Ed Bannon, David Bateman, Fernand Bos, Teddy Castellucci, Erick Devore, Tim Davies, Kurt Farquhar, Matthew Ferraro, Mike Figgis, Nathan Furst, Matt Gould, Paul Haslinger, Dominick Hauser, Greg Hayes, John Houlihan, Jonathan Karp, Christopher Kennedy, Season Kent, Larry Kenton, Penka Kouneva, John Kurlander, Anthony Marinelli, Kendall Marsh, Adam Michalak, Giorgio Moroder, Satoshi Naguchi, Blake Neeley, Atli Orvarsson, Scott Reeder, Brian Reeves, Ashley Revell, Graeme Revell, Robert Revell, Brian Richards, David Russo, Dana Sano, Erin Scully, Susie Seiter, Craig Sharmat, Matt Shelton, Howard Shore, Tim Simonec, Travis Smith, Curt Sobel, Aaron Symonds, Dan Wallin, Michael Wandmacher, Richard Wells, Edwin Wendler, Terry Wilson, Joshua Winget, Mark Wlodarkiewicz, and all of the incredibly talented musicians its been an honor and a pleasure to record.

From Bob Putignano, contributing editor at Blueswax, regarding Gino Matteo's album "I've Been Thinking" recorded and mixed by Mark Curry  -  "A lot of Blues labels should take note as this recording is one of the best sounding blues records I have heard in a very long time."

"Mark Curry is by far my favorite mixer in the business...  It's really not even close.  Mark has a mutant ear that will always have a perspective that will be interesting and more useful sonically than anything I can ever think of.  It's an inspiring thing to be around Mark and see his mind work in the studio.  He's the greatest.  I never stop learning...  And this isn't a blurb...  It's just fact."  ---  Gino Matteo

"Quite simply, I trust Mark with my mixes whether its orchestral, jazz, rock or even hip hop.  Mark has a musical sensibility that brings my music to life beyond what I am often hearing.  He sweats the details even if I don't ask him to; that is because he sets a high standard for himself and his client."  -  Craig Sharmat